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Local Roots NW


In (almost) backwards, chronoolgical order. 

Sunday, March 16th, 2014

Northwest Convergence Zone Radio Interview. 

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Faces on the Radio

Fun as a guest on this popular Portland podcast about music, music, music and on the day I was there: music censorship.
(I'm on more, more towards the middle.)

Indie Bands Blog, UK

Full audio interview with Tim Whale
This is a brand new audio interview with IndieBandsBlog about "moving, homelessness & the ups and downs of life amongst much else"
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The Morbid Romantic, Edinburgh, Scotland

An unexpected, unsolicited and very passionate summation by Alan Baillie who must have just had me on his mind. And thank god for that.
Such was my admiration for her hard-working rock & roll honesty, the sheer determination to be recognised for the human being she was born to be it began to frustrate ME possibly as much as it did her that again and again she was overlooked by blinkered A&R men with specific instructions to hunt out one kind of particular human being with one specific marketable asset!
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Subba-Cultcha, London

Front Page Feature Interview with Alan Baillie
With Michele Ari it’s her seamless changes of direction, the genuine desire for making music she was born to. That’s the moments that remind me just how accomplished she really is. Scrunched up messiness and euphoric, wide eyed prettiness - she’s all of that, with the intensity of a snarling tiger for a soul. 
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KZME FM Portland, Oregon with DJ Matthew Palmer
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95X ONLINE With Michael Todd
-Listen to the full interview here: Part 1

-Listen to the full interview here: Part 2

-Listen to the full interview here: Part 3

REW and WHO?, NYC with Rew Star
The place where NY goes underground with "living legends and rising stars." *Please turn up the volume for best viewing and for pictures visit 
The Gallery.

Rock n' Reel Magazine, UK

Feature/Interview With  Philip Ward  British historian and author of Sandy Denny: Reflections of Her Music-
I don’t think about it. I’m here to have fun. If I think about it, if I worry about the possibility  of looking stupid, it’s all over.
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Page 2. See Insight .
Ian Anderson cover

Windy City Rock, Chicago
I can clearly remember the first time I heard Michele Ari's music. We had connected on MySpace
of all places, where it's incredibly easy to ignore musicians because there's so many and most of
them aren't very good, but that just wasn't possible with Michele.Interview with Frank Krolicki

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Interview with Angie Biachi

someone told her to come to Nashville. She was skeptical at first, thinking of Music City as a hub for mostly country music. But she came anyway
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David Spencer of Sky News UK has also interviewed notable artists such as Roger Waters, Simon LeBon, The Damned and Martin Fry. This interview was conducted in 2007 via the telephone, David in England and Michele in Nashville where she had arrived that summer. Hear Michele and a man with a great accent talk about the songwriting process.
-Listen to the full interview here

More interviews from the archives and the future to come...



Push and I met on MySpace in 2005. We have remained friends since and he has been kind enough to share his thoughts on my music with his circle of friends who are a lively bunch indeed! Push himself saw The Damned, the Sex PIstols and the rest of the gang the first time around when they were all kids. He went on to become a music journo breaking bands in the UK scene and thus the world. 

In November of 2012 Push played 'My Sleeping Beauty'  (2005) on his radio show all the way from Frome, a city just Southeast of London.  It was the first time in seven years of knowing him that I heard his voice! As I told him, he sounded nothing like Julie Andrews.

Here is his written word from over the years:

From Christopher Dawes(a.k.a. Push) author of Rat Scabies And The Holy Grail and former Melody Maker (nowNME) and the creator and editor of  Muzik .

I can't remember how I first landed on Michele's MySpace page, but it took me an eternity to get off it again.
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Michele Ari: Going Places

Now That's What I Call a Home Video!


Somewhere along the line I met Mick Mercer and he asked me to contribute to his holiday edition of The Mick which I happily did along with punk rockers, goths, new wavers and other riff raff (that's a compliment to all of us) from around the world.

From Wikipedia:  Mercer is a journalist and author best known for his photos and reviews of the goth, punk, and indie music scenes. He has photographed the bands Tragic Venus and Blondie in the UK and Europe. He publishes a monthly online magazine called "The Mick". Mercer ran one of the first punk fanzines, Panache from 1976 to 1992. In 1978 he began writing for British music magazine ZigZag, later becoming Editor until the magazine folded in 1986. During the 80s he wrote regularly for the British music weekly Melody Maker and in the 90's found himself editing magazines including the Siren which has itself since folded. Since then he has had numerous books about Goth and related subjects published.

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