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"This is a musician who has much to add to the world of music"-- Indie Bands Blog UK

"Probably the most important artist you have not heard yet"
-- Manilla Standard, Philippines

"Scrunched up messiness, wide-eyed prettiness, she's all that and more with the intensity of a snarling tiger for a soul"
-- Subba-Cultcha, London

"There's a classic directness in her work, a renounciation of artifice."
-- Rock N'Reel Magazine, UK

"The front man is the centerpiece, and the hook.  Michele is all of those things and more."
-- Gaper's Block, Chicago

"An intensity of unquestionable depth"
-- Music News Scotland

"Keep an eye out for this lady, she's going places."
-- The Wig Fits All Heads, Seattle

"A Gifted Artist."
-- Collected Sounds, Sweden

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From Day One Michele Ari has drawn countless comparisons to Debbie Harry and Blondie. However valid those comparisons may be there is no mistaking that she is her own artist with her own voice embracing her late 70's and early 80's Punk and New Wave influences. Her biggest influence though is life itself as she poetically conveys back to us the human condition in all of its madness and all of its glory. For over a decade she has performed live in major US cities at premiere venues to enthusiastic audiences, with the support of a loyal and international fan base and the high praises of an international press through three critically acclaimed independent releases. It has been noted that "The Front Man is a Girl."


Michele is currently writing music for her first full length record to which is being produced by John Ashton, of The Psychedelic Furs. The Huffington Post places John in the company of Johnny Marr (The Smiths) and The Edge (U2) and describes him as “that rare breed of guitar player whom you can identify in a single note or chord.”  He has appeared on Letterman, American Bandstand, was in constant rotation on MTV in the 80s, “Pretty in Pink” which he penned with Furs frontman Richard Butler continues to play all over the world, a world which he has toured. He is back to the stage playing with his new band Satellite Paradiso featuring an all star line up of punk and new wave luminaries. He has also produced music for Sisters of Mercy and is working on new music with Marianne Faithfull. In addition John has taken in a select choice of independent musicians and so continues to wave his magic wand into the future of music. This is truly a dream come true for Michele who won’t have to explain her influences to another producer because John is the influence.